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All of our maintenance programs can be customized to fit your specific preferences and budget concerns.

One-Time (SP) or Periodic (PD) Services

Any of our services can be provided on a one-time basis or on any custom frequency you choose.


Popular Services Include:

    • Lawn & Garden Clean Up
    • Trimming and Pruning of Trees, Shrubs & Hedges
    • Leaf Clean Up
    • Trimming of Ivy, Blackberries, etc.
    • Preparing for Market

Year-Round Full Service (FS)

Choose your detail level from “Under Control” to “Very Detailed” and adjust the services and frequencies you want to fit your needs.

Standard Service Includes:

  • Lawncare: Mow, Edge and Fertilize
  • Garden Beds: Weed, Trim Spent Plants and Fertilize
  • Trees & Shrubs: Trim or Technically Prune as appropriate
  • Hard Surfaces: Blow clean each visit
  • Fall & Storm Debris: Clean up and removal as needed

Other Details:

  • Visits: Average 26-30 visits per year
  • Billing: Monthly Flat Fee
  • Frequency: (Approximate)
    • March = 2 weeks
    • April – June = 7-14 days
    • July – October = 2 weeks (weekly during leaf fall)
    • November – December = 1-2 weeks
    • January – February = 3 weeks

Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal Service Types:

  • Mow and Edge (ME)
    Choose your service level from a quick mow only, to mow and maintain edges at a flat price per visit.
  • Mow and Hourly Extra (MX)
    In addition to mowing and edging at a fixed price, you can add any other extra services at the hourly rate. You can choose to control costs by prioritizing tasks and limiting the time spent each visit.

Popular Extras:

    • Weed & Trim Spent Plants
    • Cleaning of Street Gutters
    • Blowing of Decks and Patios
    • Automatic Leaf Clean Up with Extended Season (mid Feb – mid Dec)

Other Details:

  • Season ( Approximate) First week of March through first week of November
  • Visits: Average 16-20 visits per year
  • Billing: Regularly after three visits
  • Frequency: (Approximate)
    • Spring = 8 – 14 days
    • Jul = 14 – 21 days
    • August = 14 – 28 days
    • September – October = 10 – 14 days

Additional Items:

  • To Call = Free (The night before service or Friday for Monday’s visits)
  • Drive By Charge = $8 (No Need or No Access)
  • Temporary Stop (STC) = Free (Stop Until Customer Calls)
  • Feces (Biohazard) = Drive By Charge or Equipment Cleaning Fee (varies)
  • Deilinquent (STP) = Service stopped until payment received for balances over 45 days
  • Automatic Hourly Visits:
    • Summer visits with short grass
    • Visit only required line trimming and blowing
    • Grass is extra long due to skipped or stopped service
    • Extra time is required to re-set lawn edges
    • Extra time is required to clean up excessive leaf debris

Pet Waste:

            Many people don’t realize that pet waste is a hazard controlled by both the FDA and the CDC. Most areas have local ordinances governing it’s disposal.
            In Seattle, you can find some helpful information from

Seattle Public Utilities Pet Waste

Pet waste removal services: .Poopless in Seattle