PO Box 51106

Seattle WA 98115


(206) 523-2239

Who we are:


It won’t take you long to figure out that we love living and working in the Pacific Northwest!


Comprised mostly of outdoor and nature enthusiasts; our company prides itself on providing services in a manner consistent with environmental concerns whenever possible.


  • We like to do our part to help keep our kids and pets safe by using only organic, vegan fertilizing products. We NEVER use chemical sprays.
  • We help our customers manage their finances and meet their needs with flexible maintenance plans and payment options.
  • We enjoy sharing our knowledge and lending a helping hand to both our customers and employees.


We like being a small, sustainable company!


This allows us to really get to know our customers and employees. These personal relationships help us to identify, understand and meet people’s needs. Our staff consists of one president, one general manager and a crew that varies in size between 2-6 throughout the year.


We are primarily a residential landscape maintenance company that offers mowing, weeding, trimming and pruning. We do not do construction or work with chemicals.


Commitment & Benefits:


One of the ways we show you we care is by being honest!


We work outside so hours are flexible due to weather conditions. Generally, full-time employees will work four consecutive 10 hours weekdays from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. While the days are long, we only ask that you work at a steady pace and we expect you to take breaks. We even pay for your lunch break.


Training quality yard maintenance professionals is a big investment. It generally takes 3-4 weeks before you are earning for us. If you’re willing to work with us, we’re willing to work with you. After 60 days of employment, all employees receive group medical insurance through Kaiser Pemanente. Purchasing this level of coverage on your own would cost over $500 per month. Here, you only pay $87.51, we pay the rest.


Some companies will promise you fixed hours and year-round employment but it just doesn’t work that way for the full team. Let’s face it, nothing grows in August and in January, the days are short, dark and dreary. While life happens and quality time with loved ones is important, we are committed to you and hope you will show the same commitment to our customers when scheduling time off.


Our busiest times: mid-March through mid-May & mid-September through November

Our slowest times: August & mid-December through January


What it’s like to work here:


You have to have a job, but it doesn’t have to be depressing!


Here at Landcrafters, we’re happy to be here and are customers are happy when we come to visit. We operate more like a work group than a structural organization. Every individual has unique qualities and skill sets to bring to the table. We recognize and appreciate that!


For the most part, our employee pay rate is based on skill level. If you can earn it, we’re happy to share. Every skill adds value and is worth being compensated. The ability to communicate and work well with customers and other employees is just as important as task based skills. Landcrafters provides all the tools necessary to the job, employees are responsible for providing their own sturdy work and rain gear.


Because we offer customized services, you will visit between 1-15 clients based on the needs of the day. In addition to working on site, you will be: loading equipment needed for the day; off-loading, cleaning and storing the equipment; maintaining the cleanliness of the trucks; and help keeping the shop stocked and organized.



“I appreciate how much stronger I’ve become from doing this line of work. Landscaping improves confidence and builds mental toughness. I get to drive around beautiful Seattle and create art in people’s gardens. I work for Landcrafters because they offer me an easy going work environment. I feel encouraged to try new things and that my work is valued here. We have great clients and fun co-workers and the work is very rewarding.” John Lebens



Positions Available


Assistant / Trainee –  $15 – $18 per hour

Even if you already have some skills, it will take time to learn our customers and the way we do things. If you cannot work alone, you are considered an assistant or trainee.


Tasks include:


  • Mowing & Edging
  • Weeding
  • Raking and Blowing
  • More qualified assistants may also do hedge trimming.


Crew – $17 – $21


Additional requirements:


  • Valid WA Driver’s License and good driving record (We must be able to insure you to drive under our current policy)
  • Ability to both work alone as well as manage an assistant
  • Ability to complete daily paperwork
  • Basic plant identification


Lead – $19 – $25


Additional requirements:


  • More advanced plant identification
  • Some technical pruning
  • Ability to train new employees
  • Help maintain shop equipment and supplies
  • Ability to work with customers and do some estimating


How to Apply


By Phone – 206-523-2239 While you can leave a message 24 hours a day, if you want to speak with a person, you should call between 1-4 pm on a weekday.


By Fax – 206-523-4203


Email – landcrafters@comcast.net


Even if you do not have any experience in landscape maintenance, resumes are helpful but not required.